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I never imagined that my joy of making charcuterie boards would turn into a business...


The first board I ever made was for a bridal shower that I was hosting. I remember going to the grocery store to grab some cheese and crackers and thinking about how to make it "fancy" (as our 3 kids would say). The shower was for one of my very best friends after all.


It was a piece of art. The enjoyment of building it was almost as rewarding as watching the shower guests enjoy it. It was beautiful to look at, and it was fun to eat.


Some of the guests said I should turn it into a business. I laughed, just thinking that they were being polite. Then I made another for a neighborhood girls night and got the same reaction. Then a couple more for some poker nights for the men. Then my family started requesting one for every holiday. After a while some of my family and friends started asking me to build boards for their birthdays or take to showers and events themselves. Fast forward three years and my very good friend Kellie (shout out!) finally convinced me to turn this into a business and here we are! 


A finance professional by day, a lacrosse/soccer/gymnastics/football mom by night (and most weekend afternoons lol!), and a charcuterie board-building artist in between. I am thrilled to have the support of my husband, family, friends and customers as I embark on this adventure!

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